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    Department Executive Leadership

    • Interim Chairman

      Christopher S. Calder, MD, PhD

    • Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs

      Amanda Deligtisch, MD

    • Vice Chair for Research

      Corey Ford, MD PhD

    • Pediatric Neurology Division Director

      John Phillips, MD

    • Adult Residency Program Director

      Jose Padin-Rosado, MD

    • Pediatric Residency Program Director

      James Reese Jr., MD

    • Medical Student Clerkship Director

      Amanda Deligtisch, MD

    • Department Administrator

      Theresa (Traci) Jastrezemski

    • Medical Residency Coordinator

      Sylvia Henrard


    • John Adair, MD

    • Christopher S. Calder, MD, PhD

    • Thomas Carlow, MD

    • Seema Bansal, MD

    • Larry Davis, MD

    • Amanda Deligtisch, MD

    • Elaine Edmonds, MD, PhD

    • Glen Fenton, MD

    • Bruce Fisch, MD

    • Corey Ford, MD PhD

    • Madeleine Grigg-Damberger, MD

    • Kenneth Imerman, MD

    • Molly King, MD

    • Janice Knoefel, MD

    • Eugene Lesser, DO

    • Leslie Morrison, MD

    • Jose Padin-Rosado, MD

    • Surojit Paul, PhD

    • John Phillips, MD

    • Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD

    • Ranjana Poddar, PhD

    • Stefan Posse, PhD

    • James Reese Jr., MD

    • Gary Rosenberg, MD

    • Hussaina Saria, MD

    • Donald Seelinger, MD

    • Dave Shahani, MD

    • Monika Swinarska, MD

    • Jennifer Vickers, MD

    • Limor Raz Weinstein, PhD

    • Yi Yang, PhD

    • Sarah Youssof, MD

    • Atif Zafar, MD

    Staff Physicians

    • Ruth Atkinson, MD

    • Kader AbdeleRahman, MD

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