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    Department Executive Leadership

    • Director of Clinical Services

      Colin Semper, MBA, HCM, CAAMA

    • Chairman

      Howard Yonas, MD

    • Vice-Chairman

      Chris Taylor, MD, MBA


    • Robert Alunday, MD

    • Denis Bragin , PhD, FAHA

    • Andrew Carlson, MD, MS

    • Muhammad Omar Chohan, MD

    • Kimberly Foster, MD

    • Jeff Hill, PhD

    • Joanna Katman, MD, MS

    • Mark Krasberg, PhD

    • Jeremy Lewis , MD

    • Edwin Nemoto, PhD

    • Suguna Pappu,, MD, PhD

    • William Evan Rivers, DO

    • Tamara Roitbak , PhD

    • Peter Shin, MD,MBA

    • Huy Tran, MD

    Staff Physicians

    • Andrew Roberts, MD, FIPP

    • Ricardo Nieves, MD

    • Edward Poon, MD

    Advance Practice Providers

    • Jessica Roscosky, MS PA-C

    • Jamie Sladen MS, PA-C

    Clinical Research Manager

    • Amal Alchibli, MD

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