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    Department Executive Leadership

    • Chairperson

      Meic Schmidt, MD, MBA

    • Executive Director of Clinical Services

      Ryan Stevens, MS, FACHE

    • Department Administrator

      Carlos Abeyta, MBA


    • Associate Professory

      Robert Alunday, MD

    • Assistant Professor

      James Botros, MD

    • Associate Professor

      Christian Bowers, MD

    • Associate Professor

      Andrew Carlson, MD, MS

    • Associate Professor

      Chad Cole, MD

    • Assistant Professor

      Javed Khader Eliyas, MD

    • Professor

      Joanna Katzman, MD, MS

    • Assistant Professor

      Michael Kogan, MD

    • Assistant Professor

      Christian Ricks, MD

    • Assistant Professor

      Peter Shin, MD, MBA

    • Associate Professor

      Heather Spader, MD

    • Associate Professor

      Huy Tran, MD

    Advance Practice Providers

    • Alexandria Bledig, PA-C

    • Jacquelyn Brown, PA-C

    • Cattaleeya Chantaros, CNP

    • Kristina Ellis , PA-C

    • Justin Ellison, CNP

    • Michael Homma, PA-C

    • Olivia (Alex) Maes, CNP

    • Mindy Mason, CNP

    • Beatriz Perez-Rodriguez, CNP

    • Rosemary Rodriguez, PA-C

    • Stacia Shimanek, PA-C

    • Alaina Vargas, CPNP

    • Lindsey Welsh, PA-C

    • Sabine Wetzel, PA-C

    • Bruna Wynne, CNP

    Clinical Research Manager

    • Amal Alchibli, MD

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